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GUIs and XLong

Dear Carlos

This is to clarify the problem with XLong:

The situation was the following:

> "Tigran Yu. Magakian" wrote:
> > I have MIDAS version 98NOV pl2.1, installed on PC with Slackware Linux
> > 2.2.6 kernel. All seems to work, but after initialising GUI LONG with
> > crea/gui long command any value in the initial window could not be
> > changed (i.e. calibration row, line table etc.) On other side, all
> > work normally and the values in the all other gui-windows (Search,
> > and so on) could be changed by typing inside the appropiate frames.
> >
> > Is it a bug, or sipmly misconfiguration, and what could be done to
> > situation?

Carlos Guirao answers:

>In your case, Tigran, it should be enough you download the file
>"gui98NOVpl2.1.tar.Z" and install it in your 98NOVpl2.1 to get your
 >problem solved.

Well, thank you for the suggestion and explanation. I downloaded this file
and installed all GUIs instead of the previous versions. It worked!
 But not everything. To be more clear, in the main menu of XLong now all
windows could normally change numbers, and same for the other non-working
secondary frames. But several buttons still don't produce right commands,
 1. After pressing "Search" and choosing the calibration frame in sub-menu
in the xterm with running MIDAS session appears the following command:
and nothing else. To continue work one must write "SEARCH/LONG file" by
 2. In the calibration menu don't work buttons "Calib" and "Calib all",
i.e. they don't produce complete batches of MIDAS-commands. But if one
writes these commands by hand, work again could be continued.
 3. Nearly the same is the situation with the buttons "Get object" and
"Get sky" in the menu 'Extract". After the pointing limits are written in
the corresponding windows of the frame, but no values are assigned to the
keywords. All other buttons work correctly.

Now, I want to emphasize, that just the same problem with XLong I had with
the previous version of MIDAS - 97NOV. In the earlier versions it was
definitely absent.

To summarize - could these non-working buttons represent some bug in the
XLong, which, perhaps, appears only in some cases (for example, if some
keywords are not set), or it is still
connected with Motif-libraries?
If it is bug, perhaps it could be corrected in the 99NOV version

If necessary, I can provide full listings of the input/output commands.

Tigran Magakian

Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory.