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Re: GUIs and XLong

Hi Carlos,

Yes I phase all these problems too, since the release NOV97.
But I didn't report the problems, because now I wrote MIDAS batches
which call the different buttons, and that works fine without any trouble.

But for testing it would be nice that the panel works too ... I used this
context since his creation in 1991, and I think this is one of the most
By the way did have the MOS context the same troubles ??

        Pierre Leisy

> Dear Carlos
> This is to clarify the problem with XLong:
> The situation was the following:
> > "Tigran Yu. Magakian" wrote:
> >
> > > I have MIDAS version 98NOV pl2.1, installed on PC with Slackware Linux
> > > 2.2.6 kernel. All seems to work, but after initialising GUI LONG with
> > > crea/gui long command any value in the initial window could not be
> > > changed (i.e. calibration row, line table etc.) On other side, all
> buttons
> > > work normally and the values in the all other gui-windows (Search,
> Rebin,
> > > and so on) could be changed by typing inside the appropiate frames.
> > >
> > > Is it a bug, or sipmly misconfiguration, and what could be done to
> correct
> > > situation?
> Carlos Guirao answers:
> >In your case, Tigran, it should be enough you download the file
> >"gui98NOVpl2.1.tar.Z" and install it in your 98NOVpl2.1 to get your
>  >problem solved.
> Well, thank you for the suggestion and explanation. I downloaded this file
> and installed all GUIs instead of the previous versions. It worked!
>  But not everything. To be more clear, in the main menu of XLong now all
> windows could normally change numbers, and same for the other non-working
> secondary frames. But several buttons still don't produce right commands,
> namely:
>  1. After pressing "Search" and choosing the calibration frame in sub-menu
> in the xterm with running MIDAS session appears the following command:
> and nothing else. To continue work one must write "SEARCH/LONG file" by
> hand.
>  2. In the calibration menu don't work buttons "Calib" and "Calib all",
> i.e. they don't produce complete batches of MIDAS-commands. But if one
> writes these commands by hand, work again could be continued.
>  3. Nearly the same is the situation with the buttons "Get object" and
> "Get sky" in the menu 'Extract". After the pointing limits are written in
> the corresponding windows of the frame, but no values are assigned to the
> keywords. All other buttons work correctly.
> Now, I want to emphasize, that just the same problem with XLong I had with
> the previous version of MIDAS - 97NOV. In the earlier versions it was
> definitely absent.
> To summarize - could these non-working buttons represent some bug in the
> XLong, which, perhaps, appears only in some cases (for example, if some
> keywords are not set), or it is still
> connected with Motif-libraries?
> If it is bug, perhaps it could be corrected in the 99NOV version
> If necessary, I can provide full listings of the input/output commands.
> Tigran Magakian
> Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory.