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Re: Where are the look-up tables ?

Dear user klein@sam-gpec.univ-mrs.fr,

   Lookup tables are only used if you work in Pseudo Color Mode.
If you have your Xserver set up to use True (Direct) Color then it is assumed
that you have 3 images of your object corresponding to the red, green and
blue color component of a picture. Loading these 3 images into channel 0 (R), 
channel 1(G) and channel 2(B) will show you the final image of your object.

If you have TrueColor setup but just one image per object you can emulate
pseudo Color Mode (see the help of initialize/display).

Also, it could be that you just didn't install Midas completely.
As explained in the installation document, you should do the following two
steps once you run Midas for the first time:

$ inmidas

Midas > @ compile.all

$ gomidas
Midas > @ ascii_bin

The second command will convert the LUTs in ASCII files to binary tables
adapted to your computer system.

To get more info about LUTs look into the help of load/lut, set/lut, etc

Midas > help/qualif lut

will give you a list of all commands with a qualifier LUT.

Good luck,
Klaus Banse