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Re: Hardcopy of a color image

Hi Luisa,
	just install the new MIDAS release 01FEBpl1.1 and your problem will 
	be gone. If you don't want to install the new MIDAS release then you
	may use the patch delivered by Craig Marquardt
	which indeed is the base of the solution in the new MIDAS release.

Best regards

> I have installed  ESO-MIDAS version 98NOVpl2.2 on PC/Linux
> and I cannot get a color print out of an image when I use the
> command
> Mid00 006> copy/disp COLOUR.p ? P rainbow2 NOPRINT,SAMEFILE PC8NZ
> (COLOUR is a color printer!!)
> However, I DO  get a print out in colour when I simply assign the display to
> colour and I load the image. This type of print out is not appropriate for my
> purpouses because: 1.- I don't get the whole image (it is a composite image
> with several frames in) and 2.- some annoying text appears at the bottom of it.
> Does any of you know why this is happening? and more important, do you
> know how to solve it? or what am I doing wrong?
> Thanks.
> Luisa.