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Dear All,

   unfortunately Michel Laget has just found the first bug in 01SEPpl1.3 ...

In the code handling the command SET/MIDAS_SYS
all different options are processed in a switch statement,
where the option SELIDX=... used to be the last one.

Then the options ESO-DESC=... and SQUOTE=...
were added but I forgot to insert now a `break' statement after the
SELIDX part.

That means, that now  

set/midas_sys SELIDX=...

also passes through the section of ESO-DESC=... and SQUOTE=...
The net effect is, that:

Midas> set/midas_sys SELIDX=no

is the same now as:

Midas> set/midas_sys SELIDX=no
Midas> set/midas eso-desc=no
Midas> set/midas squote=no


Midas> set/midas_sys SELIDX=no eso-desc=yes SQUOTE=yes

should be used and will fix this problem.

I'll fix the code (/midas/01SEPpl1.3/monit/prepe.c) and we'll put the
corrected code onto our ftp server.

But it's also another reason to use {key} instead of the outdated 'key'
in your procedures.