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Context LYMAN under Linux and g77 compiler

Hi All,

 I found that the context LYMAN under Linux needs some special options
to the g77 compiler in order to work properly.

If the '-fvxt' is not used, a large number of warnings appear during
compilation, although apparently to no major effect. 

However, if the  '-fno-automatic' option is  not used, problems  occur
because the variables 'ninf'  and 'nsup' in the  program 'fit_min.for'
are  re-(or not) initialized  each time  the routine  is called, while
they are  supposed to  keep  their values.  Another (probably  better)
solution is to  'SAVE' them (i.e.  include a line SAVE ninf,nsup  just
after the declarations).

Just a small contribution...
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