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"program timed out"

Hello everyone,

while using 98NOVpl2.2 (Linux) I have the problem that C programm of mine
that I call from MIDAS stops execution after about 80 minutes with the

(ERR) /home/knud/hg_progs/hgexec98/spec2dfit_moffgal_v2.exe timed out (0

which should normally only appear, if a child program does not finish
within a given time limit.

This limit is set via


but should be defaulted to indefinite (-1). Although it does not show up
as -1 when querying

set/midas_system maxtime=?
maxtime at level 0 = 0 seconds

it should still be set to -1. But in spite of this, the program stops.
Also setting maxtime to some other value (e.g. 99999) only results in the
break after about the same amount of time, about 80 minutes, only then

(ERR) /home/knud/hg_progs/hgexec98/spec2dfit_moffgal_v2.exe timed out
(99999 seconds)

thus that is not the true reason. But if I set maxtime to 30 second, the
timeout comes after 30 seconds

(ERR) /home/knud/hg_progs/hgexec98/spec2dfit_moffgal_v2.exe timed out
(30 seconds)

Did anyone else experience this or knows of that problem and has a patch
or workaround for me? Is there some upper limit hardwired somewhere?
I got lost in the sources... :-(


Knud Jahnke.