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New Problem Reporting System

Dear ESO-MIDAS Users,

As of 5 December 1997, the ESO-MIDAS Problem Reporting System is based 
on Action Remedy. The change is a made to follow ESO's decision to 
standardize problem reporting and tracking software, in particular 
for activities related to the VLT construction, testing, and

As you will experience, from the user point of view the changes from the 
old GNU problem reporting system (GNATS) to Remedy are minor.
E-mail to midas@eso.org (can be used but is discouraged) and the MIDAS 
Help Graphical User Interface (feedback button) will continue to work 
as before. 

The WWW Problem Reporting Interface has been marginally changed. To
correct classification and automatic handling a few input fields in the 
reporting form are made obligatory. 

Using the new Remedy software offers the community the advantage to 
query the ESO-MIDAS Problem Reporting database. Possible applications 
are e.g. to find the status of your PR, and to find solutions for 
particular problems. As such it enhances the FAQ information. 

On-line help for the fields are available to support the usage of the 
interfaces. In case of problems please contact the MIDAS Support Group.

Sincerely yours,

Rein Warmels
Rein H. Warmels                    O  \     Internet: rwarmels@eso.org 
European Southern Observatory     /_-->\(@) Fax:      +49-89-32006480   
Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2  *###\,## \\   Voice:    +49-89-32006292 
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