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Re: Again: Midas on 24bit displays under Linux

Dear Werner, dear colleagues,

Thank you for the hint. This may be an option for us. However, if I
understood Klaus Banse correctly, Midas can do what I want: 

To quote him:

"Therefore, we included the possibility to emulate PseudoColor mode on top of
TrueColor which uses 24 bit graphics."

So it should work, or does this depend on the X server?

Kind regards,
Otmar Stahl

On Fri, Jan 15, 1999 at 09:01:24AM +0100, Werner Becker wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Otmar Stahl wrote:
> > Dear colleagues,
> >
> > You probably remember that 24bit displays under Midas have been discussed
> > here before. I read again carefully Klaus Banse's mail from Sep.14, 1998,
> > but this confused me even more. I still have problems figuring out how to do
> > it or if it can be done at all. Maybe somebody can help me out.
> >
> > That's what I did. I have installed Midas 98NOVpl1.6 on Linux (SuSE 5.3).
> > With the X-Server running at 8bit depth, everything works fine. When I
> > switch to 24bit depth, "crea/dis" crashes.
> Dear Otmar,
>  there is still the possibility to buy Accelerated X, a comercial X-server
>  which is able to provide you a PseudoColor visual overlay on a TruyeColor
>  visual. This X-server provides support of accelerated graphic hardware. A
>  stand alone license costs about 100-200 DM but a OEM version of Accelerated X
>  is included in the Deutsche-Linux Distribution DLD which is cheaper than
>  the stand alone Xserver. Go to www.delix.de for more information and a
>  link to Accelerated X.
>  Werner Becker

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