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can't open image display in X Windows

 Dear MIDAS users,

 I am using the MIDAS 96NOV pl 2.0 release (binary installed from a tar file)
on RedHat Linux 5.1 with X Windows (and the AfterStep desktop).  I can create
a graphical display using create/gra, but I cannot open an image display
using create/disp.  When I try the latter, I get the following series of
error messages:

 OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error = 0
 no. of LUTs has been changed to 1073766752

 OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error = 0
 OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error = 0
 IDI_SINI: We could not connect to IDIserver (error = 111)
 name used was: /home/david/midowrk/midas_xw00
 OSX: Writing error in 'round_trip', error = -1

 Does anyone know what is causing this, and how to fix it?

 Many thanks for any suggestions.


 David Holmgren

 Brandon University