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Can't open two displays for two parallel Midas sessions

        Dear MIDAS users

    I would like to compare the images pertaining at two catalogs. As
only one catalog is active in one Midas session, I tried to open a
parallel session. The opening of the second session works fine, but it
is impossible to create a new display in this second session.
    However , it is posible to create one new display (and more) in the
first opened session.
    I tried with the 96NOV and 98NOV releases and with a startx at 8bpp,
24bpp and 32bpp using RedHat 5.1 with 8MB for the graphic card. All
these attempts failed. The use of the Xtest.exe module did not allow to
fix the problem.
    I'd grateful if someone would give me a solution ...

        J. Bardon