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Re: can't open image display in X Windows

> HOLMGREN@BrandonU.CA wrote:
> >  Dear MIDAS users,
> >
> >  I am using the MIDAS 96NOV pl 2.0 release (binary installed from a tar file)
> > on RedHat Linux 5.1 with X Windows (and the AfterStep desktop).  I can create
> > a graphical display using create/gra, but I cannot open an image display
> > using create/disp.  When I try the latter, I get the following series of
> > error messages:
> >
--- error messages removed ----
> Yes it's happen also to me ... with a Linux 6.0 RedHat and
> the MIDAS release 98Nov.
> This is totally normal if you use startx with the default option bpp 16 ... I don't know
> exactly but MIDAS doesn't manage it ... or it is the XFree86 which cause problem (this
> should be fixed soon).
> The solution ... I run MIDAS since 3 months without problems (a part the color gestion) is to
> run your X session with the command:
>         startx -- -bpp 8 (or 32 but I doesn't works on my Laptop even with 8Mb for the graphical card).
> Enjoy again MIDAS like me, and good luck,g
>         Pierre LEISY

	This problem is due to Xfree86 (X-windows interface ) can't manage pseudo 
colors (midas use pseudo colors), but in the future version (4.x.x) they 
(Xfree people) put the support for manage pseudo colors, I don't know if 
commercial X-servers (MetroX for example) have the support for pseudo colors, 
they say that they manage pseudo colors but personally I don't made any test.

	In order to use midas whit Xfree you need set up Xfree whit 32 bits(but if 
you use load/lut command it does not work) or setting in only 8 bits (lower 
quality colors, but load/lut command work)

Marcus Pavez
ESO Science Group System Administrator
Vitacura Office
email: mpavez@eso.org