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Re: 98NOVpl2_1 under VMS?

Horst Drechsel wrote:
> Dear all,
>    I recently received the ESO CD with the latest 98NOVpl2_1 version.
> Though VMS is still stated as supported platform, there is no more
> [MIDAS.98NOV.INSTALL.VMS] directory on the CD. Is anybody aware of
> an existing VMS 7.x installation of 98NOV?
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Dear Horst,

VMS port of MIDAS has been done by Jean-Pierre De Cuyper
However and since we introduced in MIDAS in last spring full support 
for 64 bits machines with the 98NOVpl2.0, the port to VMS got 
interrupted. Jean-Pierre is doing his best to debug the latest
release of MIDAS in order to get it operative also on VMS.
As soon as VMS is supported we will announce it through the
midas-announce mailing list.

Carlos Guirao
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