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Problem with graphic window in MIDAS on VMS ; image data format


Two questions :

1) Using MIDAS 96NOV on AXP/VMS, I'm having problems when trying to open
either a graphic or display window :
Enter MIDAS unit (00, 01, ..., 99, XA, XB, ..., ZZ)01
%DCL-I-SUPERSEDE, previous value of AGL3DEV has been superseded
%DCL-I-SUPERSEDE, previous value of SYS$INPUT has been superseded
%DCL-I-SUPERSEDE, previous value of SYS$INPUT has been superseded

                         ESO-MIDAS version 96NOVpl2.0 on VAX/VMS

**           Copyright (C) 1996, European Southern
Observatory             **
**   ESO-MIDAS comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details
type         **
**   `@ license w'. This is free software, and you are welcome
to          **
**   redistribute it under certain conditions; type `@ license
c'          **
**   for
details.                                                          **

Midas 001> create/graph

%DCL-S-SPAWNED, process IDISERV01 spawned
%DCL-I-SUPERSEDE, previous value of SYS$INPUT has been superseded
%SYSTEM-F-IVDEVNAM, invalid device name
%TRACE-F-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows
 Image Name   Module Name     Routine Name    Line Number  rel PC     
abs PC
 WNDCREA                                                0 0002D0A4   
 WNDCREA                                                0 00023AD0   
 WNDCREA                                                0 00023DA4   
 WNDCREA                                                0 00021F74   
 WNDCREA                                                0 00020050   
                                                        0 83C0E170   
Midas 002>

and I get no window. 

Would someone have an idea where this could come from ?

2) Using the above version of MIDAS (MIDAS 96NOV on AXP/VMS), one user
when trying to work with BDF data which were saved on tapes using BACKUP
from a VAX a few years before (1991 ?) is getting the following problem
Midas 001> read/desc WD_MRK691_1_202      

Warning: data is VAX Float instead of Gfloat...
frame: WD_MRK691_1_202  (data = R4)
NAXIS:                    1
NPIX:                   571
START:               0.26897961173593E+32
STEP:                 2048.0000000000
IDENT:           WD_MRK691_1_202
CUNIT:           none given
LHCUTS:            -7.046526       162.8535      -7.046526      

So there is a warning and then the values of START and STEP are wrong.
Has there been a change of internal formats in BDF data which would
create problems when transferring data from VAX to AXP ? Is there a
program which allow to convert a BDF file from one format to another ?

  Thank you for any answer,
                     Bernard Debray
                     Observatoire de Besancon