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Flatfield problem in CCDRED

Dear Midas users,
                                    I have just installed Midas98NOV from
CDROM, and have encountered a problem when trying to flatfield an image:

Midas 001> SET/CONT ccdred
*****    Context CCD standard reduction package enabled     *****
***   For an overview of the available commands use HELP/CCD  ***

Midas 002> FLAT/CCD  toto0100.bdf   testout   flat990927.bdf
toto0100.bdf: *** ERROR: Flat field flat990927.bdf doesn't exist ...

The flatfield flat990927.bdf certainly does exist, so why does ccdred not
use it?

Midas 003> READ/DESC flat990927.bdf
frame: flat990927.bdf  (data = R4)
NAXIS:                    2
NPIX:                   250       120
START:                1.0000000000000         1.0000000000000
STEP:                 1.0000000000000         1.0000000000000
IDENT:           flatcombined flat frame
LHCUTS:             2280.038       2623.859       2280.038       2623.859


    Paul Warhurst