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problem with ALICE

Hello all,

I'm using XALICE for some gaussian fitting on emission lines. Hovewer when
I try to save the plots as 1-d bdf files, apparently everything is ok,
i.e. the program creates the files.
When I try to open them again either with ALICE or with a normal MIDAS
plot, I get the following error:

Midas 005> plot halphafit.bdf
(ERR) SCDRDx: halphafit.bdf + NPIX - DSCNPR 
Descriptor not present: Descriptor with given name does not exist for 
given frame or may exist with a different data type.

Trying to read the files as table or ASCII also doesn't help

The MIDAS version I'm using is 98NOVpl2.0 on a PC LINUX.

Any ideas?


	Emanuela Pompei
Emanuela Pompei
European Southern Observatory 2.2 team, fellow 
Alonso de Cordova 3107	      URL:http://sc6.sc.eso.org/~epompei/main.html
Casilla 19001		      tel:+56 2 2285006-3105
Santiago 19, Chile	      fax:+56 2 2285132