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List of Commands

Table 5.9 contains a list of table commands.

Table 5.9: Table Commands
COMPUTE/TABLE table column = expression
COMPUTE/REGRESSION table column = name[(ind-vars)]
COMPUTE/HISTOGRAM image = table column
COMPUTE/HISTOGRAM table/TABLE = table column
CONVERT/TABLE image = table indv[ ,indv] depv refima method [par]
COPY/KT keyword table column row
COPY/TK table column row keyword
COPY/TI in-table out-image
COPY/IT in-image out-table
COPY/TT in-table column [out-table] column
COPY/TABLE in-table out-table
CREATE/COLUMN table column [unit] [format] [type]
CREATE/TABLE table ncol nrow filename [formatfile]
DELETE/COLUMN table column [...]
EDIT/TABLE table [ncol nrow]
IDENTIFY/CURSOR table identifier x [y] [tolerance]
IDENTIFY/GCURSOR table identifier x [y] [tolerance]
INTERPOLATE/IT out-table i,d in+image 5 [degree]
INTERPOLATE/TI out-image in-table i,d refima 5 [degree]
INTERPOLATE/TT out-table i,d in-table i,d s [degree]
JOIN/TABLE tab1 col1,col2 tab2 col1,col2 outtab tol1,tol2
LOAD/TABLE table1 column1 column2 [column3] [p1 [p1] [p3]]]
MERGE/TABLE table1 [table2 $\ldots $] out-table
NAME/COLUMN table column [column] [unit] [format]
OVERPLOT/HISTOGRAM table column [bin [min [max [ LOG10]]]]
OVERPLOT/TABLE table column1 column2 [s-type]
PLOT/HISTOGRAM table column [sc-x,sc-y] [bin [min [max]]] [ LOG10]
PLOT/TABLE table column1 column2 [sc-x,sc-y]
PRINT/HISTOGRAM table column [bin [min [max]]]
PRINT/TABLE table [column1 $\ldots $ ] [row1 [row2]] [file [format]]
PROJECT/TABLE in-table out-table column [column ...]
READ/HISTOGRAM table column [bin [min [max]]]
READ/TABLE table [column1 $\ldots $ ] [row1 [row2]] [format]
REBIN/IT out-table i,d[,b] in-image func parm intop
REBIN/TI out-image in-table i,d[,b] refima func parm intop
REBIN/TT out-tb i,d[,b] in-table i,d[,b] func parm intop
REGRES/LINEAR table dep-var ind-var1 ,ind-var2 , $\ldots$
REGRES/POLYN table dep-var ind-var1[ ,ind-var2] degree1[ ,degree2]
SELECT/TABLE table logical-expression
SET/REFCOLUMN table column
SORT/TABLE table column
WRITE/TABLE table column row value

Other table related commands are described in Chapter 8, ``Fitting of Data'', and in Chapter 11, Vol B,``Multivariate Analysis Methods''.

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