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Command Syntax Summary

Table  10.8 lists commands for Multivariate Data Analysis. These commands are activated by setting the MVA context (by means of the command SET/CONTEXT MVA in a MIDAS session).

Table 10.1: Multivariate Data Analysis Commands
PCA/TABLE intable outable [analysis option]
  [row/column analysis] [no. cols. in outable]
  [eigenvectors outable]
CLUSTER/TABLE intable outable [method]
PARTITION/TABLE intable outable [number of classes]
  [algorithm] [min. cardinality] [seed value]
CORRESPONDENCE/TABLE intable outable [row/column analysis]
  [no. cols. in outable] [eigenvectors outable]
LDA/TABLE intable outable
MDA/TABLE intable outable [eigenvectors outable]
KNN/TABLE training-set-table no.-of-group-1-members
  test-set-table no.-of-NNs

=1 =11 =1991

Petra Nass