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DIRECT/WAVE Imag_In Psf Imag_Out [Nb_Scales] [$\gamma_1$,$\gamma_2$,$\gamma_3$,...]
Deconvolves an image by the method described in section 14.8.3. $\gamma_j$ are generally chosen such that $\gamma_j
< \gamma_{j+1}$ because the regularization has to be stronger on high frequencies. The deconvolution is done by a division in the Fourier space. If all $\gamma_j$ equal to 0, it corresponds to the Fourier quotient method. Nb_Scales defines the number of scales used in the wavelet transform. Imag_In is the file name of the image to deconvolve, Psf is the file name of the point spread function, and Imag_Out is the file name of the deconvolved image.

Petra Nass