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CITTERT/WAVE Im_In Psf Im_Out [Resi] [Scal, Iter] [N_Sig, Noise] [Eps] [Fwhm]
Deconvolves an image by the method described in section 14.8.4. Resi is the file name of the output residual (default value is residual.bdf). Noise is the standard deviation of the noise in the image. If Noise equals to 0 (which is the default value), an estimation of the noise is done automatically from a 3$\sigma$ clipping. N_Sig is the parameter used to define the level of significant structure in the wavelet space (4 is the default value). Eps is the convergence parameter (0.001 is the default value). Iter is the maximum number of iterations allowed in the deconvolution. Fwhm (Full Width at Half Maximum) allows us to limit the resolution in the restored image. The default value is 0 (no limitation).

Petra Nass