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Retrieving demonstration and calibration data

Calibration tables are required to provide reference values of wavelength for Th-Ar arc lamp lines, atmospheric extinction or standard star fluxes.

A certain number of tables are distributed on request in complement to the Midas releases. These tables are also available on anonymous ftp at the host (IP number The files to be retrieved are located in the directory /midaspub/calib and are named README.calib and calib.tar.Z. Command SHOW/TABLE can be used to visualize the column name and physical units of the tables. Demonstration data required to execute the tutorial procedure TUTORIAL/ECHELLE are also located on this ftp server in the directory /midaspub/demo as echelle.tar.Z. FTP access is also provided on the World Wide Web URL:
The calibration directory contains other information such as characteristic curves for ESO filters and CCD detectors, which can be visualized with the Graphical User Interface XFilter (command CREATE/GUI FILTER).

Petra Nass