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A Typical Session: Cook-book

To ensure easy reading, the following notations are used in this Section:

Commands to be entered by the user are indicated by typewritter style:
similarly, keywords by boxes:  
and file names by bold face type:
  CALIB, line.tbl

As a useful complement to this Section, an on-line tutorial is available using the command TUTORIAL/LONG. The tutorial procedure is provided in Section 1.10 of Chapter 6, Vol. B of the MIDAS User Guide. The tutorial is activated by the sequence:

Midas...> SET/CONTEXT long
Midas...> TUTO/LONG

The tutorial requires demonstration files which are not included in the standard release of MIDAS. If these files are not already installed, they can be obtained by anonymous ftp or by request from the MIDAS Hot-Line


Petra Nass