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End of the Session

At the end of the reduction session (or at any time during the session) all option and numerical parameters can be saved for later use, with:

Midas...> SAVE/LONG name

where name is the name of the output table to be created which comprises:

the table line.tbl,
the values of all session keywords saved as descriptors of line.tbl,
the table COE''name''.tbl

This can be checked with the following commands:

Midas...> READ/TABLE name

should list the contents of the table line.tbl and:

Midas...> READ/DESCRIPTOR name.tbl *

should, among others, display the parameter values. To restore these values at the beginning of a session (or at any time during an ongoing session) type:

Midas...> INIT/LONG name

Petra Nass