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The independent variable (i.e., the reference column of the table) is labelled AZI, and contains the azimuth in degrees. Note that astronomical azimuth is normally measured positive eastward from the north point on the horizon. The table entries are the altitudes of the two limits, measured in decimal degrees.

It should be obvious in this table that the ``moonlight'' limit is always less than the ``observing'' limit. As azimuth runs from $0^{\circ}$to $360^{\circ}$completely around the horizon, there is no need to separate halves of the sky.

Table I.8 shows the layout for this form. Each column is described in detail below (see Table I.9).

Table: Example of table contents for alt-azimuth mountings
0. 5.4 4.5
+10. 0.3 0.1
+20. 3.6 2.7
+30. 5.4 4.5


Petra Nass