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Command line procedures

In this chapter we list some of the useful command line procedures. Note that not all tasks (e.g. plotting) are be performed easily at this level, for which therefore widget routines have been implemented. However, since all data is available at the command level, feel free to analyze it using IDL.

In the following, italic names, e.g. value, have to be replaced with variable names; if no type is specified in the procedure usage description, they will be allocated automatically and return the data requested. If a type is specified, e.g. value$<$_double$>$, the variable must be declared and initialized before. Optional arguments are in square brackets, e.g. status; if several optional arguments are listed, only one can be selected as such and arguments to the left then are compulsory! Also remember that you have to enclose character strings in quotes, unless you stored them in a variable of course.


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