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I am an astronomer, working at the European Southern Observatory, in Garching, Germany.


I am an astronomer, working on extragalactic topics. I am presently working at ESO, the European Southern Observatory in Garching (Germany), "en d├ętachement" from CRAL, Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon (France), where I also hold an Astronomer Position.
After following some specialised classes in Maths and Physics, in the Quartier Latin (Paris), I obtained the right to rest and enjoy life...

My personal interests

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What I work on

I have mostly worked on extragalactic objects, trying to understand how they formed and assembled via direct spectroscopic observations.
Here are a few topics and projects which I contributed to.

Galactic dynamics

One of the first astronomy books I had to read during my PhD was the superb (but long) Binney & Tremaine on Galactic Dynamics. Since then, I entertain the illusion that I am a 'dynamicist', trying to understand the motion of stars and gas in galaxies. I started modelling (see e.g., MGE) early, and more recently moved to 'simulations' (all virtual...). Dynamics! A PhD Offer to work at ESO!

Integral field spectroscopy

I have been lucky enough to be there when the first TIGER spectrograph was mounted and exploited at the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope. Since then I have seen and contributed to a few generations of IFUs as we call them: TIGER-2, OASIS-CFHT and OASIS-WHT, SINFONI, SAURON, MUSE...

SAURON and Atlas3D

Two projects I contributed to since their beginnings, writing pipelines and co-leading the infamous (but great) A3D team. An amazing scientific and human adventure over nearly 20 years.


Admittedly (I am not biased) the most beautiful, powerful and successful IFU on this planet! Had the chance to name the beast, and use it.


A superb and ambitious project, led by Eva Schinnerer. I am co-PI'ing PHANGS with Eva, Adam Leroy and Guillermo Blanc, leading the MUSE effort.


Since the beginning of my PhD I have been developing a simple formalism which I named "MGE" for Multi-Gaussian Expansion.

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I believe in a sensible life balance. Please do not expect a response to your email outside of my normal working hours.

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