Other Personal Interests

A few things which I love doing, or sharing.


I am passionate about scuba diving and had the chance to go around the world and jump in various cold/warm waters. I am a ** FFESSM/CMAS Instructor although, over the last few year, I have mostly been diving with my buddy, love of my life, selfishly.


Being an astronomer, I have had the chance to cross many borders and meet people from many different cultures. Eye opening. Something I clearly still enjoy but that I am starting to be more considerate with (e.g., flying...).


I enjoy photography in general, and underwater photography in particular. When diving, this requires patience, calm and a good understanding of the fauna and flora. Macro-photography is my favourite, although encountering hammer or whale sharks is clearly an unforgettable experience.

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I am a Sci-Fi books fan, since I was a kid. I lean towards the classics (Lem, Dick, van Vogt, Simak, Clarke, Herbert, Vance, Le Guin, Brunner, Klein, Farmer, Asimov, Heinlein, Sturgeon, Curval, Brown, Egan, and so many others). As a scientist/astronomer, I can only recommend reading "His Master's Voice" (Głos Pana) by Stanislaw Lem.


As a teen and later as a grown-up, I did spend days and nights watching movies of all sorts. I can remember going to 3 or 4 films in a row in small theaters in Paris, watching British comedies from the 50's, Marx Brother's and SciFis. I have a strong taste for classics, not being super original when favouring film directors such as Kubrick, Welles, Resnais, Lynch, Chabrol, Blier, Fellini, Audiard, and more recently (not really) Egoyan, Gondry, Ozon, Coen's brothers, etc.

Cooking & Wine

Love cooking, although I am clearly not spending enough time doing it. And being French, I have a strong taste for fermented grapes. As a kid, I was leaning towards Bordeaux, and with time, Burgundy became my weakness.


You may have guessed: I am a Linux person and always was. I dislike putting my hands in something I cannot understand or just view. Specially when putting your fingers in means that you'll have to soon put your entire arm too (no comment).