My all-time favourite

Lost Horizon (Capra, 1937)

The adventures of Robin Hood (1938), with Errol Flynn, oh yes

Rebecca (Hitchcock, 1940)

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Fleming, 1941)

The third man (Reed, 1949)

The longest day (1962); everybody was in the cast, including Paul Anka

Sleuth (1972); M. Caine vs. L. Olivier. Just the two of them.

The Sting (1973); brilliant!

Murder by death (1976)

Das Boot (1981)

Blade runner (R. Scott, 1982)

Indiana Jones and the last crusade (Spielberg, 1989)

The first ~10 minutes of Coppola's Dracula

Ghost in the shell (1995)

Things I've seen lately:


Jupiter Ascending - in the pursuit of eternal youth

Jurassic World - same story retold


Blended - what a stupid movie

Edge of tomorrow - naaaa

Interstellar - I'd better have another look behind my bookshelf

Into the woods - and where was snow white?

Kingsman - a bit too gorry towards the end

Maleficent - beautiful

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb -

The Grand Budapest Hotel - it would be good to get to know Gustave a bit better

The Imitation Game - suffocating

The Hobbit: the battle of the five armies -

The Other Woman -

Transcendence - all this for her, how romantic ...

X-Men: days of future past - entertaining


A good day to die hard - chitchatting, with the entire moscow police upon their heals

Coherence - nice idea, but not so sure about the movie

Elysium - naaaa

Frozen - I didn't exactly melt while watching it

Gravity - what chemistry?

Her - too slow for such an advanced OS

Last Vegas - a bit shallow

Oblivion - not such a bad idea

Olympus has fallen - anything with G. Butler in it will do

Pacifi Rim - this movie was so bad I wouldn't know where to start from

Phantom - haunting

Star Trek into darkness - B. Cumberbatch made a great vilain

The big wedding - fabulous!

The family - godunov

The fifth estate - quite a performance

The Hobbit: the desolation of Smaug - Sauron was a bit of a flop but otherwise all good

The wolf of Wall Street - true story or not, totally idiotic


Battleship - oh man, so stupid

Brave - such a sweet movie

Dark Shadows - absolutely brilliant

Ice age: Continental drift - that's enough, don't you think?

Looper - blooper

Prometheus - so how many ways are there to create an alien?

Skyfall - ooooh I really really liked it (OK, that huge armchair in the VIP room and the bag of m&ms played their role but still)

The expendables 2 - that was really stupid

The Hobbit: an unexpected journey - a bit too long


Carnage - so french

Contagion - what, in the end it was the banana's fault?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II - better than the book

I am number four - can't remember anything from this movie

Just go with it - and you might even enjoy the movie

Limitless - pointless

Midnight in Paris - you like the shape of the rhinoceros?

Mission impossible 4 - good morning Mr Phelps ...

Puss in boots

Source code - well, ok, i only saw half of it

The adjustment bureau - eh

The Ides of March - it wasn't that bad

The iron lady - a sad story but a great performance

The green hornet - didn't expect much, didn't get much, fair deal

The woman in the fifth - pffff


Alice in wonderland - that third dimension was not really there

Amelia - what would they do for contraception in the 30s?

Black swan - i have to disagree with many of you: the movie was not good, the characters were underdeveloped and the timeframe was all wrong

Cemetary Junction - heavy but good

Clash of the Titans - was this zeus or tin man?

Cronicles of Narnia 3 - there is a narnia in each one of us

Dear John - beurkh

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I - i *have* to quote peter on this: "harry potter and the gloomy gloom"

How do you know -

Inception - the paraphilology and mysticism developed around it pretty much screwed it

Iron man 2 - not worth a comment

Jonah Hex - wtf

Knight and Day - bad baaaaad movie

Prince of Persia - i want this antidust shampoo of his

RED - quite fun actually

Robin Hood - 'i love you marion' ... ooooooh please!

Salt - where did angelina's curves go???

Scott Pilgrim vs the world - in the search for originality somebody reinvented idiocy

Sex and the City 2 - when money is not an issue

Splice - a genetically manipulated movie

Shutter Island - trivial

The american - yaaaaaawwwwwn

The expendables - shoot em all movie with arnold in a cameo appearance

The fighter - amazing, christian bale can actually act!

The King's Speech - v-very g-g-good movie. shall i sing it for you? shit

The sorcerer's apprentice - seems like idiotic youth is hip

The tourist - i liked it (i guess i'm romantic after all)

The wolfman - is there any actor in the history of cinema that hasn't become a wolf yet?

Tron: Legacy - well well well, bruce boxleitner! it took me a while to figure it out

When in Rome - oh romance ... (not)


2012 - the earth's crust melting, the tectonic plates moving, the poles shifting, and the guy flying a jumbo without a license

All about Steve - who the f*** could put together such a stupid "scenario"?

Avatar - my first 3D movie, and btw, i also want a blue tail

Chloe - a bit too obvious

Coraline - gorry story, nice music

Couples retreat - this hardly qualifies for a movie

Dorian Gray - oscar wilde turned into soft porn; but still, quite powerful and b. barnes was a great choice

Double identity - it reminded me of the "mistake" (το λάθος; a. samarakis) though it had nothing to do with it

Duplicity - happy end

Fake identity - and val kilmer is always sexy

Harry Potter and the half blood prince - i love magic!

He is not that into you - come on, there are at least some women out there that are not that hysteric

Ice Age 3 - ok, that's enough

It's complicated - it had a great potential of turning into a very bad movie, but in fact it was quite good

Knowing - and how are all these kids supposed to grow up all alone there?

Public enemies - bad movie, irrelevant music

Push - psychic, ok, i can live with it; but screaming morrons making heads explode?

Sherlock Holmes - why did they have to give the characters these names? any other name would have fit better

Star Trek - spock and uhura??? this takes much more than a broken timeline

Surrogates - would 14 years be enough to reach this stage?

Terminator 4 - why was everybody talking with the same fake deep voice?

The fourth kind - they sold it for a real story and it wasn't, so what?

The girlfriend experience - can somebody please tell me who the guys in the plane were? (mind, i should have watched it till the end but it was so bad)

The imaginarium of doctor Parnassus - hmm

The International - reality posing for fiction

The Millenium trilogy (the Swedish version, with Noomi Rapace) - very, *very* good

The orphan - annoying in all respects

The princess and the Frog - silly

Up in the air - yeah, ok, it bears some resemblance to my reality but that's about it


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