Welcome to Ἰάσων Σπυρομίλιος’ web presence site.
I am a senior astronomer at the European Southern Observatory. My research interests are focused on supernovae and their use in understanding the physics of explosions. I was a member of the high-z team that co-discovered the acceleration of the expansion of the universe (for which we were all awarded the Gruber prize, more recently the Breakthrough prize and for which Brian and Adam were awarded the Nobel prize for physics) and was a member of the ESSENCE collaboration that continued that work. I have participated in work on beta Pic, comets, brown dwarfs, planetary nebulae etc. My refereed publications can be found following this link.
Since 2015 I have headed the project scientists’ department at ESO.
From 2012 to 2014 I was the programme scientist for the EELT.
In 2013 I was seconded by ESO to SKA for one year. I worked at the SKA organization headquarters at Jodrell Bank heading the construction project.  
2011 was a science leave year (as a distinguished visitor at the AAO in Australia and visiting in Tuorla and Stockholm).
From mid-2006 until the end of 2010 I headed the EELT project office at ESO.
In 2005 I was appointed Director of the the merged La Silla Paranal Observatory in 2005. La Silla Paranal observatory operates the La Silla, Paranal and APEX sites.
From 1997 to 2001 I headed the commissioning effort at the VLT and was deputy director of Paranal for a few years.
From mid-95 to mid-97 I led the NTT upgrade project.
I was hired at ESO in 1994 for the job of instrument scientist for ISAAC.
I  was appointed an SERC research fellow (1989-1991) and later a staff member (1991-1994) at the Anglo Australian Observatory. At the AAO I was instrument scientist for UCLES, UHRF (where the Lego train was used to move calibration lamps) and later for IRIS. During that time I developed the IRIS data reduction package.
I read physics both as an undergraduate (1983-1986) and postgraduate (1986-1989) at Imperial College.
I was born in Athens in 1964 and was educated at the Moraitis school.
I am on twitter @apolitosb
My TedXAUEB talk 2015 is on youtube