The title of my Ph.D. project is:

Parallel Computation of Rotating Flows.

Click here for a pdf description of my project.

During a visit at CERFACS, Toulouse, France, I did some research described in
the 1995-1996 Scientific Report of the Parallel Algorithms Project at CERFACS, pp. 25-27.

For a more detailed description of this research, take a look at
L.K. Lundin, "How to Compute the Velocity of a Rotating Flow",
CERFACS Technical Report TR/PA/97/09, 1997.

You can also just take a look at the
Parallel speed-up of my conjugate gradient solver or the
relative solution time on a variety of computers.

Here is a collection of animated flow simulations.

Here you can download qlist, a perl script useful for optimizing C & FORTRAN code on a IBM RS6000.