European PhD Thesis in Astrophysics and VO by N. Delmotte

Multiwavelength Cross-Identifications of Stars
Application to
Stellar Populations in the Magellanic Clouds
and to
Young Stars of our Galaxy
Carried out at CDS and ESO - Publicly defended on 7th November 2003
Full reference: 2003PhDT.........1D (english title) or 2003PhDT........10D (french title)

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Members of the Jury:

Advisor: Mr Daniel Egret, Astronomer, President of Paris Observatory
Co-Advisor: Mr Fernando Comerón, Associate Astronomer, ESO
Examiner: Mrs Agnès Acker, Professor, Strasbourg Observatory
Internal Referee: Mr Olivier Bienaymé, Astronomer, Strasbourg Observatory
External Referee: Mrs Mary Kontizas, Associate Professor, Athens
External Referee: Mr Jordi Torra, Associate Professor, Barcelona

Front Cover, Summary and Table of Contents [ps] - [pdf]

Outline [ps] - [pdf]

Chapter 1 - Introduction [ps] - [pdf]

Infrared and large surveys in the Virtual Observatory framework.

Chapter 2 [ps] - [pdf]

A Multiwavelength Catalogue of stars towards the Magellanic Clouds (MC2): astro-photometric results and multispectral views of the LMC.

2002 - "The Master Catalogue of stars towards the Magellanic Clouds. I. Multispectral surveys of the Large Magellanic Cloud."
N. Delmotte, C. Loup, D. Egret, M.-R. Cioni and F. Pierfederici
[ADS] 2002A&A...396..143D - [astro-ph] 0209207 - [Cover page A&A Journal]

2003 - "On the usefulness of finding charts. Or the runaway carbon stars of the Blanco & McCarthy field 37."
C. Loup, N. Delmotte, D. Egret, M.-R. Cioni and F. Genova
[ADS] 2003A&A...402..801L - [astro-ph] 302385

WWW - MC2, a project supported by ASTROVIRTEL: click to

Chapter 3 [ps] - [pdf]

A near infrared absolute magnitude calibration for B-type stars as a tool for Galactic structure traced by early-type stars.

2003 - "Near-Infrared absolute magnitude calibration for B-type stars."
N. Delmotte and F. Comerón
Submitted to A&A.

Chapter 4 [ps] - [pdf]

Nebulae and their stellar content in the Large Magellanic Cloud: star formation history and dynamical evolution.

2004 - "The kinematic map of the ionized gas of the supergiant shell SGS LMC 2."
P. Ambrocio-Cruz, A. Laval, M. Rosado, Y. P. Georgelin, M. Marcelin, F. Comerón, N. Delmotte and A. Viale
[ADS] 2004AJ....127.2145A

3 November 2003 - ESO Press Photos 31a-e/03 // December 2003 - The Messenger No. 114
Roses in the Southern Sky. The Wide-Field-Imager at La Silla Unveils Intricate Structures Illuminated by Hot Stars.

10 December 2004 - ESO Press Photos 34a-h/04
Caught in the Cobweb. Turbulent and Colourful LMC Region Imaged from La Silla.

Chapter 5 - Conclusion & Follow-Up [ps] - [pdf]

Annexes [ps] - [pdf]

Bibliography [ps] - [pdf]