A Sample-oriented Catalogue of BL Lacertae Objects

Paolo Padovani, II Università di Roma and Paolo Giommi, ASI, SDC

Original version: MNRAS, 277, 1477 (1995)

Text copyright (c) 1995: Royal Astronomical Society



We present a catalogue of 233 BL Lacertae objects compiled through an extensive bibliographic search updated to mid-1995. A large fraction of the sources listed in the catalogue belongs to well-defined samples and can be used for statistical purposes. A smaller fraction consists of miscellaneous (but confirmed) BL Lacs and of objects classified as BL Lac candidates. We discuss the selection criteria of the different samples, report the discovery of two previously unnoticed BL Lacs in the Palomar--Green survey, and comment on the possible association of some of the still unidentified high galactic latitude gamma-ray (EGRET) sources with BL Lacs. Some statistical properties of the catalogue are also briefly discussed.

Available files:

  • TeX file of the paper (requires the MNRAS macro mn.tex)
  • Postscript versions of Figure 1 (64kb) and Figure 2 (67kb)
  • Gif versions of Figure 1 and Figure 2
  • BL Lac catalogue (TeX format) (to be printed in landscape)
  • BL Lac catalogue (postscript file) (69kb)
  • BL Lac catalogue (ASCII format) (README file)
  • Searching the BL Lac catalogue

    You can search the catalogue at CDS. Just input my name or the catalogue abbreviation (J/MNRAS/277/1477) and follow the instructions.

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