Common DFOS tools:

dfos = Data Flow Operations System, the common tool set for DFO
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This tool is designed to offer a structured review of the most important web pages for daily QC work. In default mode (or option -l), it displays a configurable set of web pages relevant for the instrument account to be reviewed. In mode -q ("qc_shift"), it offers the sequence of web pages for the QC shiftleader review.

The configured URLs are displayed in a separate window, on top of the existing browser window.

1. Local review items (instrument specific)

web page why?
local dfoMonitor check for ngas access, data transfer
local calChecker: science check for issues, provide analysis notes
local calChecker: cal4cal same
score overview comments check if currently red scores on HC monitor exist, and if they have comments; entry point for reviewing the HC monitor
local scoreManager analysis of issues on HC monitor
local dfosExplorer check up-to-dateness of dfos installation
WISQ execution times check autoDaily and calChecker execution times, detect issues

2. QC shiftleader review items (option -q)

web page why?
calChecker shiftleader see if open analysis notes exist; check for flagged long execution times
HC monitor shiftleader check for HC monitor health (data transfer, opslog)
WISQ: disk space check for disk space alerts
WISQ: load check for unusual load on dfo and QC blades

How to use

Type dfoManager -h | -v for on-line help and version.


dfoManager [ -l ]

or use the button on the dfoMonitor, to call the tool for the local review, and

dfoManager -q

to call it for the QC shiftleader review.

Configuration file

The tool has the configuration file config.dfoManager. It splits in two parts:

- the part for the local configuration
- the part for the QC Shiftleader configuration.

You need to edit the template configuration for the local review since it is instrument dependent. Feel free to add more local pages to your review.

1. Your LOCAL pages (add more as you wish)


URL1 (one of QC_URL, QCWEB_URL, QCINT_URL, LOCAL) URL2 (specific part of URL)
COMMENT (is displayed by the tool; enclosed by &&...&&)
LOCAL_PAGES LOCAL remaining part of URL, e.g. monitor/dfoMonitor.html &&local dfoMonitor&&
LOCAL_PAGES QC_URL (corresponds to e.g. <instr>/common/score_overview_comment.html &&<instr> scores and HC monitor&&
LOCAL_PAGES add more as you wish

2. Pages for QC Shiftleader review
(these pages are all instrument independent)

ALL/common/all_calscore_overview_tech.html &&all cal_scores&&
QCSHIFT_PAGES QC_URL ALL/qc1_info.html &&HC monitor health&&
QCSHIFT_PAGES QC_URL WISQ/XDM/XDM.html &&XDM (disk space) overview&&
QCSHIFT_PAGES QC_URL WISQ/GANGLIA/muc_load_hour.html &&Ganglia performance (muc blades)&&
QCSHIFT_PAGES add more as you wish

Last update: April 26, 2021 by rhanusch