Common DFOS tools:

dfos = Data Flow Operations System, the common tool set for DFO
*make printable

Directory structure

The dfos system requires a common directory structure. It is defined in the RC file ~/.dfosrc. The current operational version for GIRAFFE is found here.

Many of these directories have a substructure by DATE. This substructure is maintained (created, and in some cases also deleted) by dfos.

environment variable
(in .dfosrc)
example substructure? content and substructure created by deleted by comments
$DFO_RAW_DIR /dataqc/data/raw DATE autoDaily finishNight raw data (fits files)
$DFO_HDR_DIR /dataqc/data/headers DATE dataLoader -t h never header files
$DFO_CAL_DIR /dataqc/data/calib DATE moveProducts -m CALIB never calibration products
(for phoenix only; for others obsolete since October 2011)
/dataqc/data/reduced DATE [moveProducts -m SCIENCE] never science products
$DFO_LOG_DIR /dataqc/data/logs DATE moveProducts -m CALIB/SCIENCE never pipeline log files, ABs; paf
$DFO_PLT_DIR /dataqc/data/plots DATE moveProducts -m CALIB/SCIENCE never graphical QC information (gif, ps)
$DFO_LST_DIR /dataqc/data/lists yes: PRODCOM, RAWCOM etc. createReport never reports, nightlogs
$DFO_OPS_DIR /home/opslog/giraffe no ftp from Paranal   QC1_ops_logs (obsolete since 2014-12)
(only of historical interest)


    directory tree for SM packages (until October 2011)
$DFO_MON_DIR /home/giraffe/monitor CRON_LOGS for cronjob logs;
AD for autoDaily logs; FINISHED for history
various dfos tools finishNight information mainly needed for inter-process communication and for monitoring: process log files, status flag files, AB lists, html files etc.
$DFO_JOB_DIR /home/giraffe/jobs no various dfos tools finishNight executable job files; off-line job file; print job file
$DFO_CONFIG_DIR /home/giraffe/config save/, template/ for installation;
OCA/ for OCA tools (createAB, filterRaw)
qcDocu/ ; trendPlotter/ ; webNavBar/
operator (dfosInstall for save/ and template/) operator dfos configuration files: all account/instrument specific configuration (the heart of the system)
$DFO_DOC_DIR /home/giraffe/doc no operator (dfosInstall) operator dfos help files
$DFO_BIN_DIR /home/giraffe/bin OCA (for createAB) operator (dfosInstall) operator dfos tools
$DFO_PROC_DIR /home/giraffe/progs no operator operator QC prodecures
$DFO_TREND_DIR /home/giraffe/trending reports/ (trendPlotter) operator operator local trending tables; local trendPlotter products
$DFO_GUI_DIR /home/giraffe/gui no dfos GUI tools dfos GUI tools helper scripts for html GUIs
$DFO_INSTALL_DIR /home/giraffe/install <tool_name>/ dfosInstall operator installation directory used by dfosInstall
$DFO_AB_DIR /home/giraffe/ab TMP (internal use by ABbuilder)
FILTER (use by filterRaw)
createAB finishNight, moveProducts temporary directory for active ABs

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