Common DFOS tools:

dfos = Data Flow Operations System, the common tool set for DFO
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How to ingest general/static calibration files

General or static calibration files are usually delivered together with a pipeline installation. Their names do not follow the DFOS naming scheme; also some header keywords are missing that are expected for archived calibration products. In order to ensure proper ingestion, the following steps are needed:

0. For safety: copy all general/static calibration files into e.g. $DFO_CAL_DIR/gen_newnames and work there

1. Fix header keywords: use modhead and/or replacekey and verify with dfits

Make sure to have: MJD-OBS, INSTRUME, PRO.CATG, PRO.SCI = F, and PRO.TECH = 'GENERAL' (or inhereted whenever applicable);
use MJD-OBS to define *begin of validity*; if there are later instances then you can always match with OCA time rule PREVIOUS; otherwise there might be association problems for any future user.

Hint when using modhead. Be careful with special syntax (note the quotes), use:
modhead <file> "HIERARCH ESO PRO SCIENCE" "F" (boolean)
modhead <file> "HIERARCH ESO PRO TECH "'GENERAL'" (character)

2. Rename: use renameProducts to create new names

Always use names as created by renameProducts. Use 'G' as first of the four characters, the rest is free. Some obstacles:
old names must not start with $DFO_FILE_NAME (e.g. 'FORS1');
note that GEN_CALDIR is defined in $DFO_CONFIG_DIR/OCA/config.createAB and read by renameProducts (i.e. it expects the files being there).

3. Ingest: set ingestion server correctly and ingest (using cdbIngest).

4. Check: use productExplorer to check; use cdbDelete and cdbIngest to fix wrong ingestion.