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This information describes the rules for the QC pages, with the focus on simplifications done in 2017. It is assumed that all pages follow the standard as defined in 2009. These rules apply to all QC pages, no matter if under qc, pipeline, or DataManagement.

For reference you may want to check the operational GIRAFFE QC pages, e.g. http://www.eso.org/qc/GIRAFFE/qc/bias_qc1.html. There is also a "differential" template page which describes the changes as of 2017. The old documentation is found here.

Replacing Names and Links
  • replace GIRAFFE with your instrument name
  • navigation bar: *must always be included as #include virtual* with the name as defined in the webNavBar config file (use PARENT/CHILD mechanism for the navbars in the QC section)
  • header: to be included as well, from /observing/dfo/quality/<instr>/header_QC_<instr>.html; copy from http://www.eso.org/observing/dfo/quality/GIRAFFE/header_QC_GIRAFFE.html and edit as appropriate;
  • make sure that the QC1 database links go to correct table
  • drop last column in the HC link table (only the current linkes are needed); remove rows "CURRENT HISTORY" and "Click on ..."
  • drop in the very last line the last cell with the outdated symbols
  • instead of the previous headline (e.g. "VIMOS Quality Control: detector linearity and gain") you now enter this header above the top navigation, like "VIMOS: detector linearity and gain"; see the GIRAFFE examples
  • once you are editing, you can also remove the initial lines starting with <META NAME="author/editor/maintainer/organisation"; they have no value
  • if you don't want to enter many times "<font size=2>": define once the class "normal" as size=small and then use it whenever needed, e.g. in the <body> declaration or in tables.
Structure (same as 2009, no changes)
  • top navigation
    • only if more than one item
    • repeat the ones from the top table
    • use anchors (and "top") for page navigation
  • levels
    • level 1 - item
    • level 2 - topic
      possible values: QC1 parameters | trending | history (all optional but at least one entry!)
  • style
    • <font size=2> for text, table entries etc.
    • <font size=+2 color=white><b> for item headlines (level 1); these go into a table
    • <font size=+1><b> for level 2 headlines
  • images
    • into table (80%)
    • 2 cells: one for image, one for caption
    • smaller images: included
    • larger images: linked
  • tables: width 80%
Contents (same as 2009, no changes)
  • QC1 Parameters
    • "parameter" as showing up in the Health Check plots
    • "QC1 database: table, name" listing the qc1 db table and column name
    • "procedure" or "description": some description of what is done
  • Trending
    • any text describing the plots etc.
    • screen shots or links to plots if necessary
  • History: anything which you want to keep remembered
  • You could also have some general remarks preceeding the "QC1 parameter" section.