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pyQC: tutorial

This is a brief tutorial for configuring and running a first script (e.g. on DARK or BIAS frames).

1. Download

Create a directory for the pyQC scripts, e.g. <HOME>/python. Download the file pyqc.tar into it and untar.

2. Execution test


<HOME>/python/ -h

as a first test. This should show a brief help message on command line options.

3. Configuration, part 1

Let's assume that you would like to try dark or bias frames first. Make a copy of For consistency, it is recommended give the copy a name of the form config_<IDENTIFIER>.py where <IDENTIFIER> is at your choice but should denote the raw type, e.g. 'dark', 'flat', etc and (if needed) the setting.

The file tells the python modules which configuration file belongs to which raw type. Its name must not be changed. Edit it and replace config_bias_lg by config_<IDENTIFIER> (without '.py' ending) and DARK with the OCA <RAW_TYPE> for which you are configuring the script.

4. Configuration, part 2

Edit config_<IDENTIFIER>.py. In general, you will need to edit part of sections 1 to 5. The remaining sections have additional configurtion for other scripts and can be left unchanged here.

5. Test data

Before you can finally execute the plot module, make sure that you have an AB of <RAW_TYPE> in <DFO_AB_DIR>, the corresponding raw frames in <DFO_RAW_DIR>/<DATE>, and the products in <DFS_PRODUCT>/<RAW_TPYE>/<DATE>.

6. Execution

Now you are ready to start the module via

<HOME>/python/ -a <AB_NAME> .

The script writes the plot(s) as PNG file(s) into the current working directory. You may, therefore, wish to change to e.g. the <DFS_PRODUCT>/<RAW_TPYE>/<DATE> directory first.

7. Further steps

You may wish to fine-tune the appearance of the plot (e.g. sections 2 and 5 of the configuration). For configuring the script for another raw type, copy config_<IDENTIFIER>.py, edit it where necessary, and update

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