Hot Stellar Winds

Other stellar winds

All stars have winds, in the one or other way, not only the hot ones. The sun and similar stars, for instance, have winds good to make beautiful Aurorae, but so thin that they are hardly noticed over interstellar distances. Cool stars, on the other hand, have very dense and slow winds, so much that they start condensing at some point to form interstellar dust. I won't go into further detail, but like to offer a course I gave on stellar winds at Heidelberg 2004/5, including the three types mentioned above and some theory of wind driving, for download:

Stellar wind course (pdf, in German)

A lot of very good material on stellar winds, and radiation driven stellar winds in particular, you'll also find on the page of Stan Owocki, under the headline of "Talks/Seminars/Presentations"

Rivi; Sep 2007