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Reference frames


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Reference Frames
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Reference frames

We have collected screen shots of reference frames on this site. They are intended to assist Paranal Science Operations with the assessment of data quality.

The screenshots are always taken on raw files, ready for visual inspection.For daily work, the screenshots are linked to the product quality monitor, under the link 'RAW'.

The main part of daily quality control is based on pipeline-processed data products. Their quality is checked with scores and QC reports which are also available on the daily product quality monitor. The checks of raw file screenshots should be added as supplementary service, being sensitive to effects not necessarily visible in pipeline products (like overall illumination pattern or unusual features).

On this reference frames web site, all currently available reference frame screenshots for a given instrument are collected for compilation. They are sorted by data types and setups.

They are incrementally updated when they become older than half a year, provided there is a newer one. In addition, they will be updated whenever necessary (for instance when a new grism is commissioned, or after a technical intervention).

This web site is maintained by QC Garching. We are happy to receive suggestions about additions etc.

Information about pipeline processing can be found under QC home >> 'instrument name' >> pipeline.