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Reference frames


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Reference Frames
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Reference frames

In order to assist the Paranal astronomers with the assessment of data quality, sets of reference frames are collected here, mostly taken in standard configurations. They are sorted by instrument mode.

The reference frames are available as screen shots, to serve as quick-look comparison with fresh data. In many cases, there are also headers, fits files, and additional detail information. For some cases, there are also reference pipeline products.

The Paranal astronomers can use these data to verify the quality of the daily collected calibrations (for instance to see if the correct filter has been used, if the flux level and profile is correct, if a feature is normal or abnormal, etc.).

The set of reference frames will be updated whenever necessary (for instance when a new grism or a new standard setting is commissioned, after a technical intervention, etc.).

This web site is a joint effort of Paranal Science Operations and the Quality Control Group (QC Garching). It is maintained by QC Garching. We are happy to receive suggestions about additions etc.

Information about pipeline processing can be found under QC home >> 'instrument name' >> pipeline.

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