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2 May 2019

This image, a composite of several observations captured by ESO’s VLT Survey Telescope (VST), shows the ESA spacecraft Gaia as a faint trail of dots across the lower half of the star-filled field of view. These observations were taken as part of an ongoing collaborative effort to measure Gaia’s orbit and improve the accuracy of its unprecedented star map.

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2 May 2019

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Chilean Senate awards medals to ALMA for contribution to first image of black hole

30 April 2019: On 17 April 2019, the Senate of Chile awarded the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) a medal for its instrumental role in capturing the first-ever image of a black ...

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2019 Olivier Chesneau Prize Awarded to Jozua de Boer

29 April 2019: The 2019 Olivier Chesneau Prize has been awarded to Jozua de Boer, for his PhD thesis entitled “High-contrast Imaging of Protoplanetary Disks“. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Leiden ...

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The first rung on the cosmic distance ladder — Predicting the future of the Universe by measuring the distance to our closest galactic neighbour

Interview with: Grzegorz Pietrzynski

26 April 2019: In the most accurate measurement to any galaxy ever, a team of scientists recently calculated the distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud to an incredible precision of 1%. This research ...

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Behind the black hole — Stories from those working behind the scenes on the biggest discovery of the year

Sera Markoff, Heino Falcke, Sara Issaoun

19 April 2019: Imaging a black hole is no easy task. The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project involved over 200 scientists from around the world, and without their hard work, dedication, and imagination, ...

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