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15 November 2017

A temperate Earth-sized planet has been discovered only 11 light-years from the Solar System by a team using ESO’s unique planet-hunting HARPS instrument. The new world has the designation Ross 128 b and is now the second-closest temperate planet to be detected after Proxima b. It is also the closest planet to be discovered orbiting an inactive red dwarf star, which may increase the likelihood that this planet could potentially sustain life. Ross 128 b will be a prime target for ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope, which will be able to search for biomarkers in the planet's atmosphere.

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15 November 2017

  ESO Announcements

Winners of Fifth ESO Astronomy Camp Bursaries Announced

13 November 2017: More than 180 video applications from 19 countries were submitted for the 2017 ESO Astronomy Camp, and the winners of the bursaries offered by ESO and the national partners have ...

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Tickets for Viewing the 2019 Total Solar Eclipse from ESO’s La Silla Observatory On Sale Soon

13 November 2017: On 2 July 2019 a total solar eclipse will shroud ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile in darkness. To celebrate this momentous event, ESO is inviting the general public ...

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Exciting New Virtual Reality Mode for ESO Virtual Tours 6.0

10 November 2017: The latest release of ESO’s Virtual Tours includes the option to view them in virtual reality mode as well as 360-degree panoramic mode. You can now use a cell ...

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ESO to Participate in FORSCHA Event again — Astronomy has a reserved seat at this great educational event

8 November 2017: FORSCHA, the annual science fair of Munich, is an event that aims at getting the public involved with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). With a varied programme for children ...

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Creating the First Open-Source Planetarium in the World — A conversation with ESO Supernova Coordinator Tania Johnston

Interview with: Tania Johnston

10 November 2017: ESO telescopes give us amazing glimpses of the Universe, but they’re not the only way for us Earth-bound humans to travel to the stars. The ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor ...

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13 November 2017
A gigantic cosmic bubble

6 November 2017
Cocooned on Cerro Paranal

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