Write data

After reducing and calibrating the data, scan data should be written to an output HDS file. The filename is derived from the input filename, except that the extension is now .cha. The input .con file is closed automatically before opening the ouput file. Note that if the file already exists, objects are replaced with the new ones.

Data can also be written to a multi-source FITS file. It is the scans.complexvis data being written; calculate it after the calibration using CALIBRATEVISIBILITYSETCOMPLEX.

ACCESS WRITE $\vert$ cont'd
HDS Write all objects to HDS file
FITS Write multi-source FITS file
GEOPARMS Write earth parameters
GENCONFIG Write general configuration
TABLES $\vert$
SCANTABLE Write table of visibility scans
BG TABLE Write table of background scans
LOGS $\vert$
OBSLOG Observers log
CONLOG Constrictor log
DATA $\vert$
SCANS Write scan data