Reduce visibility data

The goal of this step (and the next one concerning the reduction of the delay data for astrometry) is to prepare the point data for averaging. This involves editing the background and point data, and the dispersion correction of the delay data (if needed for astrometry). It is recommended to first edit the background data (which is always loaded for all stars due to the relatively small size of the corresponding object). Thus, when the point data for a specific star has been edited, the averaging will make used of background data that has been already processed! The averaged data will be stored internally in an array of structures (scans), which is allocated the first time average is called. This array will eventually hold all averaged scans. Do not forget to average the point data before loading new point data, as the old one will be overwritten!

REDUCE $\vert$
BG DATA $\vert$
PLOT Plotting and editing
PROCESS BG Fix flagged data
EXPAND BG Fill in non-existing scans
DEFAULT BG Set default BG data
FLAGTABLE $\vert$ Background flag table
SAVE Store to disk file .flg
LOAD Read from disk file .flg
APPLY Fully apply flags from table
CLEAR Initialize flag table
UNFLAG Specify flags to be removed
RESET Unflag all data
PLOT $\ $
A/R TRIPLE Compute a new triple
UNWRAP TRIPLE Unwrap the triple phase
CLEAR DATA Deallocate memory for point data
FLAGTABLE $\vert$ Point data flag table
SAVE $\ $
LOAD $\ $
APPLY $\ $
CLEAR $\ $
RESET $\ $
AVERAGE Average currently loaded point data