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formerly called dpDelete

- the tool is part of the DFS.
[ used databases ] databases qc_metadata..qc_products, IST, deleted; write permission!
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dpDelete is the tool to delete a product file already ingested in NGAS. This action makes sense only if you want to ingest a better version of this file. dpDelete and dpIngest are complementary tools.

dpDelete performs a chain of actions which must be executed together consistently (a transaction in database speak), otherwise they are undone ("rollback"). These are:

- deletion of the file registration in qc_metadata..qc_products
- insertion of the action into qc_metadata..qc_deleted

Note that the file is never physically deleted in NGAS.

The tool obviously should be used with great care. Usage on the command-line is therefore strongly discouraged. If you delete a file unintentionally, you must re-submit it with dpIngest. If you don't find it in your system anymore, you may need to re-create and re-ingest it. Otherwise you, or AOG, may end up in inconsistencies. This tool gives you write permission on the associated database tables and cannot check that you are doing the right thing. You could even easily delete files from other instruments!

On the other hand, the tool is very useful when you know what you are doing and want, as an example, to re-ingest improved versions of product files. dpDelete enables you to perform all actions needed for that.


In the .dbrc file you should have the appropriate entries for the qc_metadata database. This is used by dpIngest, and it is also required for dpDelete.

How to use

You should not run the tool on the command line. Recommended is the following:

Type dpDelete for on-line help.

To run the tool in SIMULATION mode, use

dpDelete GI_PIME_080313A_Argus_L437.2nm_o4_LTT3318.fits

This will display a list of actions, but not execute them.

To effectively hide this file, use

dpDelete GI_PIME_080313A_Argus_L437.2nm_o4_LTT3318.fits -force


The tool comes as part of the DFS.

Configuration file


Operational aspects

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