Common DFOS tools:

dfos = Data Flow Operations System, the common tool set for DFO
*make printable


The tool is distributed through the utilities package (utilPack).

See also: policy for hiding frames

use DFS-provided hide_raw_files for option 1

[ used databases ] databases none
[ used dfos tools ] dfos tools uses ABbuilder; filterRaw
[ output used by ] output change/hide request
[ upload/download ] upload/download mail to

[For tradition, the tool name is 'hideFrame', although the tool will probably be more often used for change requests than for hide requests.]


policy for hiding frames


This tool assists in creating a standardized hide (option 1) or header change request (option 2) to the archive:
1 - Hide frame(s) (hide invalid SCIENCE or CALIB frames)
2 - Change keyword(s) (e.g. from SCIENCE to CALIB)

In Option 1, the user is prompted to enter a list of ARCFILE names and a reason for the request. These files are then directly hidden (no DBCM ticket).

In option 2, the user is prompted for a list of ARCFILE names and the change request. That list is then sent to the email address of the Database content management (DBCM) group and creates a DBCM ticket.



How to use

Type hideFrame -h for on-line help, hideFrame -v for the version number. Type


to open the dialog.

How to install

The tool comes as part of utilPack.

Configuration file


Operational aspects:

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