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  - v1.0: first release
- v1.0.1: using $DFO_EDITOR
The tool is distributed through the utilities package (utilPack).
[ used databases ] databases none
[ used dfos tools ] dfos tools called while certifyProducts executes; reads config.createReport for the editor call
[ output used by ] output edited files raw_comment_<date>.txt or prod_comment_<date>.txt
[ output used by ] upload/download none


The tool enterCommentsBulk is a simple utility tool which can be called during execution of certifyProducts. It extracts all raw or product files for the given RAW_TYPE, MODE and DATE, and writes them as a list into the comment lists raw_comment_<date>.txt or prod_comment_<date>.txt. You can then use the editor call configured in config.createReport to edit that list.

Normally you would enter comments incrementally (file by file) if they occur only occasionally. But there are cases when all files of a given RAW_TYPE are affected. An example for CALIB mode is "ARCLAMP low flux" applicable for all ARCLAMP raw and/or product files. For SCIENCE data, you may want to enter a comment "No telluric standard found in this night" for all 250 ABs for which this comment makes sense. The idea behind the tool is to provide a simple and comfortable workflow for this edit.

All files of the current RAW_TYPE (or all files if no RAW_TYPE is specified) are found by the tool and get listed in the comment file (see below). You then edit that file as you wish and afterwards return to certification. Those entries which you left empty will be deleted or ignored. Pre-existing entries are preserved, later entries appended.

The tool checks the AB list ($DFO_MON_DIR/AB_list_<mode>_<date>); if not found, it scans the ABs in $DFO_AB_DIR; if not found, it scans ABs in $DFO_LOG_DIR/$DATE.

How to use


enterCommentsBulk -h | -v

for on-line help and version;

enterCommentsBulk -d <date> -m <mode> -r <raw_type> -c raw|prod

to open the raw or product comment file, filled with all file names specified by raw_type (or all files if raw_type is not specified).

You can call the tool outside certifyProducts, but then it has no effect other than filling the comment file. To have the comments actually ingested, you should call it within certifyProducts, either when that tool offers comment editing, or in general during the session. Important is that at the end of certifyProducts, the tool checks for raw or product comments and ingests them, no matter how they were entered. You can call enterCommentsBulk outside certifyProducts but with no effect other than filling the comment tables (no database ingest).

enterCommentsBulk certifyProducts  

during execution:
enter comments case by case
if called:
enter comments in bulk mode
ingest comments
Scheme describing comment edits in certifyProducts

Note: Of course you should avoid having the (raw or product) comment table opened in an editor session (triggered by enterCommentsBulk) all the time since then you may run into a conflict with the 'yc' option of certifyProducts. It's better to open it just before certifyProducts does so, edit, and then close it again.


The tool is part of the utilPack package.

Configuration file

The tool has no configuration file.

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