Thomas Rivinius

ESO Paranal - Science Operations Support Astronomer

Aux telescopes

Snowed in, in the world's driest desert.

Welcome to my homepage. While not ESO-official, and thus not reflecting any viewpoint of the organization, these pages are dedicated to my professional life in astronomy. You'll find my private homepage, well, at some point in the future, somewhere else...

My research, as shown by the links in the navigation bar, focusses on hot stars and their circumstellar environments. I am probably what one would call a clear-cut observer; my expertise lies in spectroscopy, in particular with echelle spectrographs, and interferometry. I try, however, to bring a broader physics perspective into my work by collaborating with theoreticians and doing some modelling by myself.

I work as a science operations support astronomer on Paranal, and my focus there lies on the VLT-Interferometer. Form 2007 to 2011 I was instrument scientist for MIDI, the Mid-Infrared Interferometric Instrument of the VLTI. I am a member of the SciOps group on documentation and training, and one of the webmasters for the SciOps pages.

As long as there's no private page somewhere else, let me waste some of ESOs webspace for a few words on my other interests. They still sometimes have to do with astronomy, like the photography when I take picures of Paranal. On the mountain are quite a few much better photographers, of course. Check out for instance the photos by Stéphane Guisard, Gerd Hüdepohl, or Andreas Kaufer. For many others I just haven't found homepages.

I also have an interest in history, and the history of astronomy. I particularly like old books and maps. When I found a more than 200-year old star atlas by Johann Elert Bode (that's the guy with the planets' orbit sequence) in the library of my former institute, I've edited his work for a modern reprint.

Much of this page is under construction, if you find some topic of particular interest unfinished do not hesitate to contact me for further questions.


Postal Address: Communication:
Alonso de Cordova 3107
Santiago de Chile
Phone Vitacura: +56 2 2463 3278
Fax Vitacura: +56 2 2463 3001
Phone Paranal: +56 55 435100
Rivi; Sep 2007