The Chandra Deep Field South


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Release of 1&2D spectra

Photo-z for 99% of the sources

X-ray variability (movie)

CDF-S in the X-ray

Color composite image of the Chandra Deep Field South of 940 ks (pixel size = 0.984 arcsec, smoothed with a s =1 arcsec Gaussian). The image was obtained by combining three energy bands: 0.3-1, 1-2 and 2-7 keV. Click on the image to enlarge it .


The Chandra Deep Field South (CDF-S) is one of the deepest observations obtained with the X-ray Chandra satellite, which stared at the same path of the sky for 11 days. The final image is the result of the co-addition of 11 individual Chandra ACIS-I exposures obtained in 1999-2000, for a total of one million seconds (1 Msec). The project was lead by Riccardo Giacconi. The nominal aim point of the CDF-S is RA=3:32:28.0 , Dec=-27:48:30 (J2000), covering 0.11 square degree. After these observations, the CDF-S has become the center of one the most comprehensive multi-wavelength campaign ever carried out with ground-based and space observatories.


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