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Calibration completeness monitor


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Shiftleader's page: overview of calChecker scores

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all calibrations existing and within validity time range
issue with outdated or missing/lost calibrations but daytime calibs not yet finished, meaning it may disappear by itself once the queue is finished
issue with outdated or missing/lost calibrations

calChecker scores are cumulated (per instrument), i.e. no distinction is made between science and cal4cal issues.

General news: 2015-01-26: New version with option 'preliminary comment' for the analysis. This can be used to enter a comment without the final analysis. The comment can be overwritten by another comment anytime, or by the final analysis. Feedback welcome!

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    calChecker scores | technical

UT1  issues? last refresh* cal_score overview t_exec**
  FORS2   details 1.07
  KMOS   details 0.52
  NACO (out of ops.)   details 0.73
  FLAMES/GIRAFFE   details 0.52
  UVES+FLAMES/UVES   details 1.73
  X-SHOOTER   details 1.90
  VIMOS   details 1.17
  VISIR (out of ops.)   details 0.25
  HAWKI-I   details 0.62
  MUSE   details 0.73
  SINFONI   details 0.95
  AMBER   details 0.60
  MIDI   details 0.30
Survey Cameras     
  OMEGACAM   details 1.25
  VIRCAM   details 1.42
**: red if older than two hours
**: red if execution took longer than 10 minutes
continuously updated