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Calibration completeness monitor


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Shiftleader's page: overview of calChecker scores

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C T Entries for calScore and tellTracker flag (only for configured instruments):
  all calibrations existing and within validity time range
  issue with outdated or missing/lost calibrations but daytime calibs not yet finished, meaning it may disappear by itself once the queue is finished
  issue with outdated or missing/lost calibrations
  ! issue with missing tellTracker calibrations (special, only for configured instruments)

calChecker scores are cumulated (per instrument), i.e. no distinction is made between science and cal4cal issues.

General news: NOTE: The Health Check and calChecker services will be moved to qcFlow in the course of 2023 on an instrument by instrument basis. The current pages will then not be updated any longer.

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    calChecker scores | technical

UT1  issues? last refresh* cal_score overview t_exec**
  FORS2 [not yet analyzed] details 1.11
  KMOS   details 0.88
  FLAMES/GIRAFFE   details 0.54
  UVES+FLAMES/UVES   details 1.18
  VISIR   details 0.48
  CRIRES   details 0.88
  SPHERE [not yet analyzed] details 1.53
  X-SHOOTER   details 1.91
  ERIS   details 1.57
  HAWKI-I   details 0.75
  MUSE [not yet analyzed] details 1.79
  GRAVITY   details 0.53
  MATISSE   details 0.78
  PIONIER   details 0.58
Incoherent combined focus    
  ESPRESSO   details 1.53
Survey Cameras     
  OMEGACAM   details 1.19
**: red if older than two hours
**: red if execution took longer than 10 minutes
continuously updated